Purchase Coordinator

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Purchase Coordinator Job Description

Arsenal Strength is more than an equipment company. We work with the world’s top facilities and top athletes.  This company is a place to let your passion live out through your work. We want our team to be an inspiration to everyone we serve. At Arsenal Strength, it’s about each individual person bringing their skills and knowledge for the constant pursuit of excellence.

At Arsenal Strength, we work in a very fast paced environment that is constantly evolving.  If we are not adjusting or changing, we are not growing. Each person is expected to work autonomously and productively.  We have a culture of excellence with a team mentality.

For the Purchase Coordinator, the nature of this work revolves around direct communication with our sales team, manufacturing facility and all other vendors.

Job Responsibility:

Purchase Coordinator will be responsible for managing all sales orders from start to finish.  This position works closely with our Sales team, Accounting team and Shipping team to order, track and coordinate all sales.  The PC also works with all our outside vendors ordering and coordinating sales orders.

Functional Skill Requirements:

*Experience with Purchasing or Vendor Communications

*Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills with an ability to clearly articulate plans and expectations

*Demonstrated extreme organizational skills

*Knowledge of Sales and Vendor Concepts

Experience Required:

*Bachelor Degree or a minimum of 2 years directly relevant work experience

*Ability to Multitask

*Fluent English

*Be Precise and Error Free

Preferred Experience:


*Microsoft Platforms


Arsenal Strength, LLC is a growth company that looks for our team to grow from within.  We offer competitive salary benefits, casual work environment, and gym perks.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, or disability.