Vikings were adventurous and explorative.

We want to see you channel your inner Viking in the Arsenal Strength Viking Challenge! This could mean many different things! How do you show your adventurous side? Bring out the Viking in you and show us what that looks like! Maybe it’s going for a PR or running around the gym in costume yelling and encouraging fellow gym mates. We want to see it! Be adventurous, be strong, and let’s go! 


{Please do not harm others in the making of your video}


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The assignment is to show us your inner viking! Post a video on either Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Youtube. Channel your inner viking and show us what that means to you. 

  1. Post to your social media 
  2. Tag us using our social media handle and use #asvikingchallenge
  3. Officially submit your entry using the form below
  4. One Viking will win $500 cash AND a Reloaded Viking Press for their gym 
  5. Additional prizes will be awarded based on creativity and engagement
  6. Entries must be submitted before Wednesday, December 14, 2022

You must submit your entry below to be considered for the contest