The most sought out piece. The new Arsenal Strength Standing Lateral Raise. Made in the USA. The Standing Lateral Raise features a unique custom design that can be used bilateral or unilaterally.  We’ve created rotating handles for comfort throughout the entire range of motion.  The Standing Lateral Raise features a pivot point in the work arm to allow for users of various heights.  Custom color options available.




  • 200 lb weight stack
  • Can be used bilaterally or unilaterally
  • Rotating handles for comfort through range of motion
  • Pivot point in work arm allows for users in wide range of sizes and heights
  • Small footprint
  • Custom color options available


  • Total Weight: 280 lb
  • Width: 27.5″, Height: 63″, Length: 51″

This product ships 90% assembled on a pallet. Please follow the instructions provided and check equipment upon delivery. Please contact Arsenal Strength directly if you have any questions or concerns at info@myarsenalstrength.com.

Products subject to change or differ without notice from image on page.



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